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Startup Story of Omitra:

  • Last year I was travelling all alone from Bhilwara, Rajasthan to Hyderabad in a train, its 30+ hr harrowing journey, I got damn bored and frustrated in the journey.
  • Once my Wife and friend’s wife were travelling in the same train but the separate coach for 30 hrs, but till journey completed none of them knew about each other.
  • Every time I travel alone and getting down at the station, I wish I could find someone who is going towards Gachibowali and my taxi fare can be HALF.
  • My college days, I use to go to Warangal by train, my station comes at 4:00 AM, I would be sleepless in the night due to worry of missing my station.

So many such incidents led to OMitra, but most prominent is first one in above list.

Boring train journey days are over, grandpa will always get a lower berth, taxi/auto at the railway station will be at a half rate, never spoil night sleep due to fear of missing station, you are not reading a fiction. A local entrepreneur from Hyderabad has developed a solution that make it possible in today’s Smartphone world that track you’re near and dear with just a flick of a switch.

Mr. Vikas of OMitra said that he was travelling by train often and during one such 30 hr long harrowing journey from Bhilwara, Rajasthan to Hyderabad he realized that 1000+ folks are travelling in every Train, Mini India, but still we just talk /help with only 8 person of same compartment and that is when the idea came to him of connecting passengers of the train in WhatsApp kind of group.   In this train group/or we can put notices for taxi sharing, seat change, business folks can find other businessman and expand their network and much more such use for 1 billion train travellers.

OMitra App automates wake-up alarm by ringing alarm before 30 km of the station, tracks your family member with a single tap, pickup SMS to your family member’s reaches near the station and many other related problems faced by our 1 billion train travellers of limited means can use. For female security, female information is never shared with male users.  For passenger convenience, all important railway contact are an integral part of an app so you can reach to right railway authority for security, cleanliness or food complaints.

OMitra connect passengers of the same train in WhatsApp kind of group.

OMitra is virtual train assistant to solve common train journey problems and make travel hassle free.

32 thousand travellers are making their travel hassle free with OMitra

OMitra facilitates

  • Finding friends – Before boarding the train find friends and travel with them.
  • Seat changing – easily change seat across the boggy with 1000+ passengers
  • Taxi/auto-sharing – share auto/taxi safely with fellow co-passengers and half the travel cost.
  • Business networking – meet like-minded business folks in the trains

And many more benefits like medical help, movies sharing, gaming partners.

OMitra features

  • Automatic Wakeup Alarm – 30 KM before destination, adjusted according to train delay
  • Pickup Reminder – 30 KM before automatically sends SMS to your relative who is planning to pick-up you at the station, so no more multiple calling.
  • Automatic Live updates – Train updates every 15 minutes, so anyone can easily track train, kids or old age person. First such solution in India.
  • Automatic PNR Alerts – WL tickets notify whenever WL changes
  • Train Route offline available
  • Family tracking – with single button family member can share and track their journey
  • Automatically reads PNR nos from IRCTC SMSes, user doesn’t need to type PNR no
  • Railway contacts – important railway contact to for security, query, and complaints
  • Train Search and availability check
  • Platform No notification – around 2 hr before sends an automated SMS/Notification of platform, only for South Central Zone stations
  • RPF Security no as WhatsApp for any security issue in train
  • Easy to Complain Security/ Cleaning from your PNR, complaints sent via SMS to 8121281212, South Central Railways complain no.

OMitra Service

  • OLA taxi booking directly from OMitra App
  • Food booking across India 2000 + food option, 500+ restaurant, 250 city, very simple to order, just click on food option in PNR and app will provide all feasible option on route. No need to enter PNR. We tied up with TravelKhanna, TrainMeals, RailRestro, TravelerFood, FoodExpress, KhanaGadi and adding more vendors for food delivery
  • Food Menu offline – Now as per PNR, food menu from boarding point to your travelling destination is offline available and can be ordered via SMS during trip.
  • Transparent food review system, every food ordered review by user available to other users to see it

For safety reasons

  • Female information is never shared with male users
  • Never discloses any passenger mobile no or seats nos.
  • Every co-yatri need to provide PNR no, so only legitimate users are there in WhatsApp kind group.

App can be download from Google play store, 32 thousand + user are using OMitra.

Vikas Jagetiya

  • Before Starting OMitra. Vikas worked over 10 yr in Qualcomm and HCL.
  • Holds 5 Granted Patents

SriHari – Cofounder

  • Sri Hari, having 14+ years Corporate Experience in Sales, Marketing, Revenue & Customer Support, did M.B.A, M.Tech ( IT), P.hD.Hari’s father was Head of TTE in Vijaywada, so railways are always is fascinating to him.

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